Inspiring trust

Being an organisation that people can believe in is key to our success and impact as a small charity with a big ambition.

This means making meaningful connections that establish trust with everyone we deal with, by being approachable and accessible, honest in our communication, visible and transparent.

We believe in being open, inclusive and putting people first – whether we are working with club volunteers and young people in communities, or collaborating with our partners in local authorities, the police, faith groups and other charitable organisations.

We build trust by listening, providing suggestions, responding to requests and delivering on our promises… and by living up to our values every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Does AP Foundation do?
AP Foundation CIO is a charity for, with and about crime prevention and youth intervention. We work to improve support, services, and recognition for ex-offenders who wish to turn their lives around. Our vision is that ex-offenders and returning citizens can access the help they need to build a brighter future.
What is the AP Foundation Network?
The AP Foundation Network is a group of organisations from accross the UK that have partnered up to offer training and employment services.
Who Does AP Foundation work with?
We work with a wide range of organisations and groups inluding;
Other Charities
Training Acadamies
UK Government Agencies
Criminal Justice System
We like to work with anyone that shares our vision and values.
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