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Andrew Pritchard profile picture
Andrew Pritchard
Executive Founder

Andrew has been a successful entrepreneur in the music and events industry and produced many live music events and large-scale music festivals.

Andrew was also a very successful drug smuggler, a category ‘A’ criminal with a lifestyle to match, that is until it all came crashing down, ruining his life and more importantly ruining the lives of his family.

It was during Andrew’s time serving first at HMP Belmarsh and in the following years at different prisons that he changed from being a hardened criminal to a man who turned their life around and was now committed to supporting young prisoners turn away from crime and focused on giving them hope and opportunity.

That is when he decided to set up the AP Foundation to make a difference.

“I want them to learn from my mistakes, to help them find a pathway away from crime to a fulfilled life where they can achieve their potential”

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Melanie Williamson profile picture
Melanie Williamson
Executive PA

Melanie is a highly conscientious and motivated Board level Executive PA. Since 2003, she has been responsible for managing the diary of some of the most prominent CEOs in the private and third sectors.

Melanie is a good team player who thrives on the challenges associated with being a PA.

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Steve Diedrick profile picture
Steve Diedrick
Youth Behaviour Specialist

Steve had a challenging childhood in a difficult part of London. Being a young black man, dyslexic and not diagnosed until going to university, as a youth he was expelled from school and went to a pupil referral unit and drifted into crime.

He found his passion in working with young people and has now worked with over 1000 young people in a variety of settings including street corners, schools, children’s homes, youth centres, schools and prisons. He then went to university, getting a BA in Criminology, and worked for 12 years as a manager of a behaviour support unit within a secondary school, managing a team of 5 people and supporting hundreds of young people.

Steve received an award in 2017 for outstanding service to young people and has developed his own successful mentoring project and continues to work in different settings with young people from asylum seekers to care leavers, and gang members to those exploited by others.

He is passionate about community engagement and is currently working in the housing sector.

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Steve Murrell profile picture
Steve Murrell
Head of Compliance

Steve has a background in law and accounting and in the past has been a partner in a number of successful law firms. More recently, his attention has been focused on green energy projects and bringing a sustainable electricity solution to several of sub-Saharan African countries.

Since 2020, Steve has been working part-time for the AP Foundation and is now committed to a longer-term role ensuring that the Charity complies with all of its legal and regulatory obligations in connection with its rehabilitation, training and housing projects.

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Siddiq Bey profile picture
Siddiq Bey
Gang Specialist

Siddiq Bey is a Risk Manager specializing in supporting vulnerable young adults at risk of violence due to gang affiliations. With expertise in gang culture, Siddiq serves as a peer mentor and gang specialist, working with young adults leaving prison or at risk of offending, as well as those with poor mental and physical health or addiction issues, to help them achieve employment and independent living.

Siddiq has extensive links in the music and film industry, and is a respected figure in his area of South London. Drawing from his personal experiences, which include a conviction for manslaughter, Siddiq uses his knowledge of the postcode gang wars to educate and inform young adults at risk of joining gangs or caught within the system.

The Home Office invited Siddiq to assist with the launch of the #Knifefree pilot project, an advocacy programme designed to help communities become knife-free. As a member of the project, Siddiq provides community members with essential skills and knowledge to engage with young adults at risk of carrying knives, ultimately preventing them from becoming victims of knife crime. In addition to his work with the Home Office, Siddiq continues to work with vulnerable populations to help them achieve a better future.

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Katherine Yates profile picture
Katherine Yates
Lead Trainer

Katharine Yates serves as the Lead Trainer for AP Foundation, bringing her wealth of experience and expertise to empower individuals through comprehensive training and development programs. With a strong background spanning over a decade in the charitable, public, and private sectors, Katharine Yates has assumed the pivotal role of Lead Trainer at AP Foundation. Her journey as a facilitator and coach has equipped her with invaluable insights into fostering personal and professional growth. At AP Foundation, she dedicates herself to creating transformative learning experiences, where individuals are not just participants but active participants in their own development. Through her guidance, people are offered 'breathing spaces' where they can express themselves, feel genuinely heard, and embrace gentle yet empowering challenges. Katharine's commitment lies in helping others flourish, making her an invaluable asset to the AP Foundation team and a beacon of inspiration for those on their growth journeys.

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Tony Weekes profile picture
Tony Weekes
Lead Trainer

Meet Tony, a highly skilled expert in conflict resolution, personal development, and safety, with a lifelong commitment to our charitable causes. With decades of invaluable experience, Tony has honed his expertise in addressing violence, challenging behavior, and aggression within culturally diverse communities across Europe. His extensive background also includes training adults who confront these issues in their voluntary or professional capacities. Beyond his dedication to our mission, Tony is a passionate advocate for personal growth and community safety. In his spare time, he channels his energy as an enthusiastic gym enthusiast and devoted family man, embodying the values of wellness and unity that align with our charitable pursuits.

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